About Us

At the Foundation for Sustainable Families, we strive to educate, support, strengthen and sustain families, children, and communities. Incorporating expertise from professionals in child welfare, education, social work, environmental sciences, counseling, parenting, medicine, and the arts; we create access to tools that will help both individual families and groups become stable, self-sufficient, and sustainable. Having strong ties to a support system within a family or community is the primary pathway to reversing the cycles of neglect, dysfunction, and abuse that are so costly to a society.



We believe that a community can only be as productive as its individual parts. By enriching and supporting education, child welfare, human rights, equality, sustainability, families, and community public health; we can collectively empower one another to succeed despite the struggles individuals or families may be facing.



We strive to meet a wide variety of needs with a focus on sustainability in Public Service, Families, Child Welfare, Human Rights, and Community Public Health.


Key Fields:

We provide services, classes, or resources for the following:

  • Individual or Group Therapy and Counseling
  • Mental Health Support
  • Family Management and Crisis Intervention
  • Foster Care and Adoption
  • Maternal and Reproductive Health
  • Breastfeeding
  • Paternal Participation in the Family Setting
  • Pre and Post-Adoption Services
  • Nutrition
  • World Hunger and Food Security
  • Education
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Support to local and International communities
  • Human Rights
  • Equality