Sustainable Family Services

We support programming and organizations that provide direct services and mental health counseling to high-risk and high-conflict families. This could be children or families who are a part of the dependency, juvenile, or family court systems; or perhaps children and clients who have been identified through the school system, medical community, or other community agencies.

Why We Serve:

Positive family memories and experiences can last a lifetime. Our programs allow for quality family engagement and meet unmet mental, physical, social, or emotional needs. We also work with at-risk, foster, adoptive, and kinship families to create special birthday celebrations, experience positive holidays, and go back to school with pride. Children who come from unstable homes become detached from society report that because of frequent moves, inaccurate records, changes of schools, abuse, drugs, or foster care placements; they have been robbed of the opportunity to experience traditional milestones or joys. One former foster child resorted to Craigslist in an attempt to “rent” a family to be with her for her birthday. She offered $8.00 an hour to anyone willing to spare some time and effort.

Children deserve better.

We teach families how to interact with one another, cook nutritious meals, provide food, Holiday gifts and supplies, provide early intervention, promote literacy and education, instill a love of reading and learning, and promote creative strategies to helping families and children heal from educational, nutritional, environmental, or emotional deficits.
Our programming engages families, communities, and businesses in deeply meaningful ways. We are so thankful for the time and generosity of our sponsors, supporters, and volunteers, who make each of these activities possible. THANK YOU!

Foundation for Sustainable Families

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The staff at Sustainable Family Services are dedicated and passionate about helping their fellow community members.

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Loving, passionate, caring people doing amazing and incredible things for families around their community.

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Really great group of professionals who love what they do and greatly impact families all over the Tampa Bay area.

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